Comfort Seating Cart

The Comfort Seating 4 Wheel Cart helps you efficiently transport and store a wide variety of MityLite banquet chairs. Now featuring a wider footprint for added stability, this easy-to-use rear loading dolly ensures years of trouble-free use and helps protects your chair investment.The Comfort Seating Cart– 4 Wheel is designed to hold up to 10 of most Mitylite banquet chairs. This style of cart is great for storage and ideal for moving single stacks of chairs around a facility or room.

Comfort Seating Cart - 4 Wheel

Comfort Seating Cart - 4 Wheel

Comfort Seating Cart

Frame: Steel

Finish: Black sand powder coat

Warranty: 12 Year

Casters: Non-marring wheels, Swivel casters 1.25” wide x 4”

ABS sleeves to protect chairs during loading and transport 

Made in the USA

Width: 24.5″ (62.2cm)

Height: 56″ (141cm)

Length: 47″ (114cm)

Weight: 30 lbs. (13.6kg)



Classic Series: 10 Chairs

Encore Series: 10 Chairs

Grand Series: 6 Chairs

Grand II Series: 6 Chairs

Elite Series: 10 Chairs

Essential II Series: 10 Chairs

Eon Series: 10 Chairs

Regency Series: 10 Chairs

Access Series: 10 Chairs