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Types of Banquet Chairs: Options & Accessories Buying Guide

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MityLite offers many types of  banquet chairs, most of which you can customize with fabric, finishes, and utility options of your choice. You have more decisions to make than just the type of chair frame you want to order. Understanding your options can help you order chairs you’ll be happy with for many years to come.

What is a Banquet Chair?

Many buyers understand how important it is to get chairs with comfortable foam, but less understood is how the seat base (located underneath the upholstery and foam) impacts chair comfort.

A chair with a plywood seat base offers no give or flex during use, which makes it an uncomfortable seating choice for long periods of time. During long meetings or events, a seat with a wood base will feel stiffer and cause more discomfort to pressure points, even when covered by foam. Chairs with a molded plastic chair base offer much more give and flexibility, conforming to the shape of the person sitting. When a plastic molded seat is combined with high-quality foam padding, you get a banquet chair with superior comfort.

MityLite offers chairs with seat bases made of molded plastic or plywood. Plastic seats are more comfortable, and they are more breathable. The most comfortable chairs offered by MityLite have a specially molded plastic seat base covered with premium foam. These chairs are slightly higher in price than chairs with plywood seat bases.

Learn more about foam seats.

Chairs with plastic seat bases are also lighter weight. Both wooden seats and plastic seats are durable, and the chairs have the same stacking capacity. However, banquet chairs with wooden seat bases tend to be cheaper.

Banquet chairs with plastic seat base construction are also easier to repair and replace fabric on, and there are no screws in the seat that can fall out and cause issues.

The most comfortable chairs offered by MityLite have a molded plastic FormFlex™ seat bases topped with premium foam. The patented FormFlex seat base is ergonomically designed for the highest comfort. It has some flexibility and stretch, allowing it to conform to the shape of the sitter. The FormFlex seat base is available on many MityLite banquet chairs for maximum comfort.

Bottom Of Banquet Chair
Pictured: FormFlex seat base on the underside of a MityLite banquet chair.

Back Style

MityLite banquet chairs all feature upholstered backrests with high quality foam padding of varying thicknesses. As with seats, there are varying materials used to construct the backrest and plastic back bases are more comfortable.

Chairs with plastic backs are lighter weight. Both wooden backs and plastic backs are durable, and the chairs have the same stacking capacity. However, chairs with wooden backs tend to be cheaper. Plastic backs are also easier to repair and replace fabric, and there are no screws that can fall out and cause issues.

MityLite also offers chairs with a flex-back option for added comfort. The flex-back leans back slightly to conform to individual users’ seating posture and comfort preferences.

You may also want to consider ordering chairs with a handhold on the back for easier setup and take down and to reduce the chances of the fabric becoming soiled.

Chairs with steel frames, wooden seat bases, and wooden back bases will be the heaviest to lift and the least expensive to purchase. Chairs with aluminum frames, plastic seat bases, and plastic back bases will be the lightest to lift and the most expensive to purchase. Higher quality foam can also add weight to a chair.

Animated Banquet Chair Demonstrating How Back Of Chair Flexes
Our patented flex-back is a padded backrest that reclines slightly for individualized comfort.


Interlocking ganging is an option on most MityLite banquet chairs for a small upcharge per chair. Ganging connects chairs together into neat and tidy rows for a uniform appearance and increased crowd safety. Some local fire codes require that all seating areas over a set number of guests have chairs that are ganged (or attached) together. Ganging prevents rows from getting pushed around or blocking exit.

You can choose from retractable ganging or standard wire ganging on most MityLite banquet chairs.

  • Retractable ganging: A small, hinged clasp extends from the side of each chair, just below the seat, allowing chairs next to each other to lock into place. The clasp folds flat when it’s not in use.
  • Standard wire ganging: Two permanent wire loops extend from each chair, one on each side, allowing chairs to be linked together for secure and tidy rows of chairs. 

You can choose from retractable ganging or standard wire ganging on most MityLite banquet chairs.

Mitered Leg

MityLite offers a mitered leg option on some banquet chair lines for a small upcharge. This gives the chair leg a more defined angle and it can improve the aesthetics of the chair.

Stack Bar

If you’re planning to stack and store your banquet chairs, it’s recommended that you get chairs with a stack bar. This will reduce damage to chair cushions which will improve the life of the chair and ensure they remain comfortable. This can improve the stack height and uniformity making it possible to stack some chairs 10 high rather than eight high.

Two Banquet Chairs Showing Side and Front Corner Angles
The stack bar stabilizes stacked chairs and protects the upholstery and frame from damage.

Glides & Casters

Chair glides make it easier to slide and move chairs, including on carpet. MityLite offers both a nickel-plated swivel glide and a polypropylene glide. Both help prevent streaking or scratching on most floors. The best chair glides for carpet are typically flat glides with some grip to help keep the chair from moving when a person makes small adjustments to their sitting position.

Casters can be added to chairs that will be used in boardrooms and other locations where customers, guests, or event attendees will be moving the chairs themselves.

Download this quick reference guide for a simple breakdown of banquet chair options.

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