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What Should I Know About Banquet Chair Frames?

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The type of chair frame can impact a lot of things when it comes to purchasing banquet chairs. MityLite manufactures banquet chairs with both steel and aluminum frames. There are differences and benefits for each type of frame. Becoming an educated buyer can help you get the best chair for your needs.

Steel vs Aluminum

Metal Smelting

The first difference you’ll find between the two types of frames is weight. In general, steel banquet chairs are heavier than aluminum. For example, on our most popular chair, the Classic Banquet Chair, weighs 15.5 lbs and the equivalent aluminum chair, the Elite Banquet Chair, is 12 lbs. This can be very important for the personnel moving chairs.

The second notable difference is cost. Steel chairs typically cost between 5% and 10% less than aluminum chairs.

Both steel and aluminum chairs are incredibly durable, especially if they are finished with powder-coating. However, aluminum chairs are a bit softer and it’s possible the frames could dent, whereas steel frames are nearly indestructible. Steel frames have the potential to rust in humid climates, but this shouldn’t happen with aluminum.

Both types of frames are a good option for stacking chairs, however, steel-framed chairs can sometimes be stacked higher than aluminum. Both frames store compactly and have a small stack footprint.

When it comes to design elements, both steel and aluminum frames are fairly uniform and unlikely to have color variants. However, it’s a bit more difficult to achieve a metallic look with steel.

Chair Frame

The Takeaway on Frames

  • Steel and aluminum stack and store more compact
  • Steel is less expensive than aluminum
  • Steel is more durable than aluminum
  • Steel and aluminum are uniform in color and design
  • Steel is slightly heavier than aluminum


  • Avoid cheap aluminum frames with wet paint (more likely to chip, fade, and dent)
  • Avoid steel chairs with cheap paint and finish (more likely to chip, fade, and rust)
  • Steel is the best option if you have limited storage
  • Steel is the cheapest option if budget is an issue

Steel vs. Aluminum vs. Faux Wood

Compare the benefits and features of MityLite’s banquet chair frames, or download this free guide.

 Steel ChairsAluminum ChairsFaux Wood
(won’t chip or dent, may rust)
(won’t rust, may dent)
(won’t chip, dent, or rust)
CapacityHolds 1,000 lbsHolds 1,000 lbsHolds 1,000 lbs
(10 or more chairs high)
(6–10 chairs high)
(up to 5 chairs high)
(small stack footprint)
(small stack footprint)
(larger stack footprint)
DesignUniform look, clean linesSmooth finish, clean linesCould have variants, imitation wood grain
ColorUniform look
(powder-coating unlikely to fade)
Metallic and uniform
(powder-coating is unlikely to fade)
Imitation wood grain
MaintenanceWon’t chip or dentUnlikely to chip, but might dentWon’t chip or dent
SustainabilityManufactured in the USAManufactured in the USAImported
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