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Types of Table Legs: Choosing the Best Folding Table Legs

- 6 min read

Benefits and Differences for Each Folding Table Leg & Base Style

Ah, table legs… the unsung heroes of commercial folding tables. When we consider the aesthetics and durability of different tables, we often focus on the various tabletop options and forget to consider the importance of the table base underneath.

It’s time to stop overlooking the importance of conference and banquet table legs. After all, using the best legs for a folding table at your event center will add to your guests’ comfort, your property’s style, and the ease of setup.

This blog is focused on types of table legs found on banquet and event folding tables. The information here will help you be an even more educated buyer to ensure you get the best bang for your buck when choosing a foldable table design that will serve you (and your guests) for years.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll learn in this post about folding banquet table legs:

  • Which types of table legs are available on MityLite folding tables?
  • The best folding table leg styles for conference rooms
  • The best folding table leg styles for banquet rooms
  • The best folding table leg styles for cocktail events
  • The best folding table leg styles for other types of events

Which MityLite folding tables offer different leg style options?

MityLite folding tables come with several table leg options, including:

  • Wishbone table legs
  • Adjustable table legs
  • Conference table legs
  • Offset conference table legs
  • X-Base table legs
  • Trumpet table legs

Some MityLite tables are built with a single leg style, while many offer your choice of varying leg styles, chosen carefully to complement the style and function of each table.

Check out our infographic below to see a visual comparison of the different types of table legs for each table model.

Infographic comparing tables offered by MityLite

The best folding table legs for conference rooms

Rows of banquet chairs seated in front of a MityLite Reveal Fixed Width room

The ABS Rectangle Table with a Conference leg or Conference Offset leg is the perfect foldable table design for meetings and seminars. These two leg styles provide a lot of legroom— and they look nice.

Other options include the Reveal Fixed Width or Madera MAX Rectangle with the Conference leg or Conference Offset leg.

The best folding table legs for banquet rooms

ABS Round table surrounded by MityLite banquet chairs

Nothing beats having large, round folding tables for your banquet rooms. ABS Round Table with a Wishbone leg, Madera Pro with a Wishbone leg, and Reveal MAX Round with an H leg are a perfect fit.

We think the H leg is the ideal folding banquet table leg style for an upscale linenless table like Reveal. For traditional banquet tables such as the ABS Round Table, the Wishbone leg style is extremely rugged, and the Post leg offers the most leg room.

The best folding table legs for cocktail events

MityLite Cocktail tables covered with tablecloths with an outdoor balcony background

We offer a variety of foldable cocktail table designs perfect for receptions and other stand-up events.

ABS Tables with a Trumpet Base or X-Base are a great fit for cocktail receptions. Another option is the ABS Expediter Folding Cocktail Table.

Reveal Cocktail Tables with a Trumpet Base are a great upscale option, as is the Reveal Mobile Nesting Table.

The best folding table legs for other types of events

Laptop computers sitting atop a MityLite Elevare table

The ABS Table with a Post Leg is a great option for a card table or small dining table for networking events. The ABS Table with an Adjustable Table Leg is a good fit for a variety of events, including banquets, children’s tables, cocktail events, and events that need wheelchair-accessible tables.

The Reveal Linenless Flip Table with the Mobile Leg features locking casters and is a good option for meeting rooms and classrooms that require easy table setup and storage.

The Elevare Table with the Elevare Folding leg is a popular option for meetings, conferences, and conversation tables, thanks to a sleek design and the integrated charging station.

Let the Experts Help You Choose the Best Banquet Table Legs

As you can see, it’s important to know which types of table legs are the best fit for the different spaces at your facility.

If you have questions, our sales representatives are knowledgeable and always available to help, even if you’re not quite ready to place an order.

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