Framed Countertop Single Shield

The Countertop Single Shield is designed to provide a social distancing solution to help businesses serve customers while keeping employees safe. The shield is built to serve as a sneeze guard or table barrier to help prevent the spread of germs in any place of commerce that requires direct interaction between employees and customers. The clear acrylic allows for items to be scanned through the screen preventing the need for direct contact. The credit card terminal can be placed on the customer’s side of the partition while keeping the register on the employee’s side. The design makes it easy to set up and store.

Framed Countertop Single Shield

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Shield: Provides a clear, acrylic shield to prevent the spread of germs

Transparent: Scan items directly through the screen to prevent contact

Design: Transfer small items through the small opening at the bottom of the partition

Cleanability: Easy to clean with common disinfectants

Minimum Order Quantity: units


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made in america

Wide Version

Overall Height: 29 in

Overall Width: 32.5 in

Weight: 12 lbs


Tall Version

Overall Height: 32 in

Overall Width: 23 in

Weight: 12 lbs

Perfect For

Hospitality Markets
Public Assembly Spaces
Government Offices
Educational Environments
Reception/Front Desk
Convenience Stores
Grocery Stores
Worship Services