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Smartphones are Reshaping the Hospitality Industry

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Low-battery anxiety is a thing—in a big way!


According to sources like the Wallstreet Journal and Women’s Health, the more people come to rely on their mobile devices, the more prevalent this anxiety becomes. In some cases, the condition manifests into a full-blown anxiety disorder known as Nomophobia.

Smartphone technology continues to advance, but batteries aren’t keeping up, which only makes things worse—especially for people who need their devices while traveling for business. This makes low battery anxiety a hot topic in the travel industry. Travel blogs such as Smart Travel address it with tips about how to extend the life of your phone battery.

Portable Charging Stations

But travelers wouldn’t need to worry about battery life if they were confident that they would always have enough convenient charging options at hand.

This is where you come in.

Providing portable charging stations throughout your property eases the anxiety of mobile-dependent customers; leading to better reviews, improved company reputation, and increased revenue. Not to mention all the free advertising companies get when customers can use their devices (with fully charged batteries) to check in and post great photos and reviews to social media platforms.

As customers use social media and apps to interact with companies, all that data can be used to create better experiences for them—and better marketing efforts to benefit your business. That’s one more reason to help them keep those devices up and running.

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