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MITY Inc. Launches Revolutionary Linenless Tables & Stylish Chairs

Fashionable chair designs, powered tables, and linenless tables with seamless tops in sizes up to 72”

OREM, Utah — January 17, 2019 — MITY Inc., a manufacturer of award-winning commercial furniture, announced the launch of 20 new products designed to benefit the hospitality industry. In addition to 16 new wooden chairs and barstools, MITY is expanding the Reveal and Elevare table lines with banquet rounds and integrated power supply options. Moreover, MITY is now the only commercial furniture manufacturer to offer linenless banquet tables with a seamless top in all sizes up to 72 inches in diameter.

“MITY has been at the forefront of linenless table design for years and now we’re taking it up a notch,” said Spencer Posey, vice president of marketing. “Our customers have been asking us to expand our tremendously successful Reveal table line to include cocktail tables and banquet round tables. We listened, and we know these products will save our customers time and money.”

The integrated power supply option is now available in the Reveal Meeting Room, Elevare Folding Buffet and Elevare Cocktail tables. These tables allow users to charge up to five devices with three USB docs and two standard 110V outlets.

“MITY originally built the Reveal and Elevare product lines to give the hospitality industry tables that look great without the extra cost of adding linen to cover it,” said Christopher Galbraith, president of MITY. “Now, we’re offering our customers a new revenue stream with our powered tables, which gives them the opportunity to upsell desirable features. These fine products are durable, practical, and they look great anywhere.”

MITY is also expanding the Holsag Collection of sturdy chairs and barstools. Made with 100% European beech hardwood, the new designs are contemporary and attractive while providing unmatched comfort and quality and a wide range of stain and fabric color options. Learn more about MITY at