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When is the Best Time to Buy Outdoor Furniture for Commercial Properties?

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Patio areas lose appeal when they aren’t well maintained — it’s a fact well-known by resort managers and restaurants (and their guests!). People don’t want to pay to spend time in a shabby outdoor area. Landscaping, shade structures, and patios or deck flooring all need periodic maintenance, but the biggest way to make your space shine is with the furniture.

How Often Should Patio Furniture Be Replaced?

Patio furniture upkeep is particularly important in keeping outdoor dining, lounge, and pool areas looking spiffy. Bear in mind that outdoor furniture ages faster than indoor furnishings due to weather and UV exposure. Hotels typically remodel their interior spaces every seven years, but outdoor furniture can fade more quickly (particularly furniture with fabric pillows).

Some kinds of furniture definitely last longer than others (we’ll talk about finding durable outdoor furniture later), but all pieces will need replacing eventually.

Black Linden outdoor furniture under a pergola in an bright, terracotta color setting

How Early Should I Order Outdoor Commercial Furniture?

So, the question is, when should you start shopping for those new patio sets, pool lounge chairs, and cabanas? The right answer is not to start shopping the day before Memorial Day. If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor patio furniture for your property, bear in mind that obtaining high-quality, commercial furniture will take longer than residential furniture. Getting an order for 200 patio chairs made to order and delivered to your resort will take longer than getting a small patio set for your backyard. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find excellent furniture in a timely manner. It just takes some planning.

Professionally dressed people gathered around and chatting near a pool in a large outdoor space

If you do find yourself in a hurry, and those pool chairs need replacing, you can get outdoor furniture quicker if you’re willing to go with basic colors and forego customization options. It’s always a designer’s dream, however, when you have enough time to plan well in advance of the summer season and customize your furniture. Many properties start shopping in late summer or early fall and arrange for delivery the following spring, just before their outdoor areas open for the season.

The good news is that, whether you need new outdoor furniture quickly or in several months, there are great ways to get something beautiful that will last.

When to Start Shopping for Patio Furniture

When you run a hotel, restaurant, resort, pool, clubhouse, or other commercial property, there are four considerations to keep in mind when deciding on the best time to start shopping for your new outdoor furniture.

Willow outdoor furniture pictured poolside

Considerations to Keep in Mind:

1. Opening Dates
2. Shipping Time and Delivery
3. Latest Styles
4. Budget

1. Consider the Opening Date for Pools and Dining Areas

The best time to buy outdoor patio furniture for commercial properties is typically in the months leading up to the opening of pools and outdoor dining areas. Unless you are in a climate where these amenities are open year-round, you will want to have your new furniture in place before guests start using these spaces. This way, you can ensure a seamless transition and make a great impression on your customers.

2. Anticipating Shipping Time and Delivery

Keep in mind that orders for outdoor furniture, especially custom pieces, can take time to arrive. Shipping time for custom orders is usually 2-3 months, and even for off-the-shelf styles, plan on a month or so for delivery. For reputable commercial furniture delivery, it’s best to order well in advance of when you need the furniture to ensure it arrives on time. The more you customize your furniture (such as using custom fabrics/C.O.M. or finishes), the longer it will take for your bespoke furniture to be built to your specifications and shipped to your property.

3. Staying Up to Date with Latest Styles

New outdoor furniture styles are often launched in the spring, in time for trade shows like the Hospitality Design Expo. For properties that prioritize prestige and style as part of their branding, shopping for the latest styles in the spring can give your outdoor spaces a fresh and modern look. Keeping up with trends can set your property apart from the competition.

4. Finding Budget-Friendly Options

If budget is a primary concern for your property, consider shopping for outdoor patio furniture in the fall or winter. This is when clearance prices on last year’s styles are often available. Many of these discounted styles are classics that will remain stylish for years to come, making them a cost-effective choice for budget-minded businesses.

Large table setting comprised of Willow outdoor furniture

Finding Durable Outdoor Furniture

No matter what time of year it is when you shop for furniture, or what your property’s highest priorities are, durability is key. When selecting outdoor furniture for your resort or commercial property, make sure it is commercial-grade furniture.

Outdoor furniture you find on Wayfair or Amazon isn’t intended for commercial use; these bargain pieces are for residential use. Residential furniture won’t stand up to the demands of heavy commercial use. In fact, if you use residential outdoor furniture pieces in a commercial area, even for a day, it will void the warranty.

What is commercial-grade furniture?

Chairs, tables, and other furnishings specifically built for the rigors of commercial use are considered commercial-grade furniture. It usually has higher weight capacity, sturdier joints and hinges, and is made with fabrics and materials that will not show signs of wear as quickly as residential-grade furniture.

Look for heavy-duty outdoor furniture that is designed to withstand the elements and is designed for commercial use. Check the weight capacity for chairs and tables. A high weight capacity shows that it is durably built. Plus, it’s more inclusive of a wider range of guests and will not collapse if stacked for storage. Investing in high-quality, long-lasting furniture will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

The Final Take

In conclusion, the best time to buy outdoor patio furniture for your property will depend on your priorities. Is it style, timing, or price?

  • Style: If you value getting the latest styles above anything else, you will want to wait until the latest styles are launched in the spring.
  • Timing: To get custom outdoor furniture delivered in time for Memorial Day temperatures, start shopping in January and February.
  • Price: If you want to scoop up the best deals and discounts, shop for clearance prices in the fall and early winter.
Juniper outdoor furniture by MityLite on a concrete patio

By carefully considering these factors and planning your purchase strategically, you can create inviting and comfortable outdoor spaces for your guests to enjoy for years to come.

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