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MITY Donates Chairs to Inmate Programs in Tennessee Correctional Facilities

Lawrenceburg, Tenn. — March 18, 2019 — MITY Inc., a manufacturer of award-winning commercial furniture, donated chairs from the Bertolini Collection to Lawrence County Correctional Facilities in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. The chairs will be used in a common area for both male and female inmates where they can participate in various service programs including GED courses and religious services.

“MITY is committed to being an upstanding citizen in all the communities where we manufacture products and house employees,” said Christopher Galbraith, president of MITY. “I’m so glad our employees in the Tennessee office saw a need in the community and stepped in to help.”

MITY employee Anna Welsh discovered the need for a chair donation while volunteering as a member of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Fellow board member, Mera Lerner, who attends the United Church in Lawrenceburg, announced the need during a meeting. The United Church visits correctional facilities to teach a series called Living Free, a mindful, scripture-based series to help people who struggle with various life challenges.

“I could tell the poor condition of the chairs was weighing on her, and I knew we could step in and help,” said Welsh. “Our donation was greeted with hugs and handshakes from the women who work with the inmates each week. They were so thankful to have the opportunity to provide a better experience.”

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