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How do chair carts and dollies protect chairs?

Chair carts and dollies, like the Comfort Seating 4-Wheel Cart, provide essential protection for chairs during transport and storage by incorporating several design features aimed at minimizing wear and tear. Our carts often include felt, carpet, foam and plastic protective elements where the chairs make contact with the dolly to ensure chairs are protected.

Are there specific chair carts recommended for certain types of chairs?

Yes, specific chair carts are recommended for different types of chairs to ensure optimal compatibility and protection. For example, stacking chair carts are ideal for transporting stacking chairs, and different models of MityLite stacking chairs require different carts. Similarly, folding chair carts are tailored for Klappstühle, featuring configurations that hold chairs in a collapsed position, ensuring they are compact and safely transported.

What is the capacity of your chair carts?

MityLite standard capacity chair carts hold 6-12 chairs, while our high capacity chair carts hold up to 100 chairs.

Are chair carts worth it?

Yes, chair carts are definitely worth it, especially in environments where chairs need to be moved frequently or stored efficiently. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in chair carts for your venue or business:

  • Efficiency in Setup and Breakdown: Chair carts significantly reduce the time and effort required to set up and break down seating for events.
  • Reduced Labor Costs: By minimizing the physical effort required to move chairs, chair carts reduce labor costs.
  • Protection of Investment: Chair carts are designed to protect chairs during transport and storage, reducing wear and tear.
  • Safety: Using chair carts reduces the risk of injuries that can occur when lifting or carrying heavy stacks of chairs.
  • Maximized Storage Space: Chair carts allow chairs to be neatly and compactly stored, maximizing the use of storage spaces.

What warranty or guarantees do you offer on chair carts?

Fabricated steel components of MityLite cart are covered with a full 12-year warranty, guaranteeing long-term reliability and structural integrity. Additionally, felt, carpet, neoprene, foam, plastic protective pieces, and the cart’s casters come with a 1-year warranty. Replacement parts are available. This comprehensive coverage ensures that any defects in materials or workmanship are addressed, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment in the cart.