XpressPort XpressLink® Cart

XpressLink is a faster and safer way to transport heavy stacks of banquet chairs. Chair stacks are raised easily and quickly by simply stepping on the lift lever. once the lever is fully depressed the raised chair stack is automatically locked into place. The XpressLink chair transporter easily maneuvers through congested service corridors and narrow doorways, and has a uniquely compact footprint.



XpressPort XpressLink® Cart

Non-Marking Vinyl Channel Strips: Protects chair frames and stabilize chair stacks.

Lifting Forks: Constructed of 3/16″ angle formed plate steel with slip-resistant vinyl covering. Forks adjust in height and in width to accommodate any chair.

Couplings: Flip out to link multiple units, enabling one person to move up to four loaded chair trucks at a time.

Foot-Operated Lift Mechanism: Easy-to-use foot-operated lift mechanism makes it easy for anyone to lift heavy stacks of chairs. Automatic look with convenient lock release secures raised chair stacks. Springs have 100,00 cycle life.

Casters: Two swivel casters with brakes and two rigid casters, 8″ diameter x 2″ wide, polyurethane wheel swivel casters have a load capacity of 925 lbs each.

Fork Width: 10.5″ – 15.5″

Width: 20.5″

Length: 35″

Height: 46″

Shipping Weight: 73 lbs

10-14 chairs depending on model.