XpressPort Space Saver Carts

Space-Saver table carts are designed to store 30″ wide lightweight linenless folding tables in a vertical orientation. Vertical storage results in a smaller footprint, and is designed to allow the cart to clear all doorways with 6″ long tables and one-person loading. Vinyl profile extrusions on the lower support rail and side rail members protect edges and frames.


Space Saver Carts

XpressPort Space Saver Carts

Upper and Lower Backrest Beams: Covered with rubber to protect table edges and finish of linenless and laminate-top tables. Secure tables against movement. Rubber profile extrusions are applied to bottom and edges of support beams for extra protection.

Lower Support Beams: Positioned close to the floor to enable loaded trucks to pass through standard doorways and for tables to be loaded and unloaded easily.

Ergonomic Handle Grips: Provide a comfortable hand hold for pushing and pulling

Frame: Side frames consist of 1.25″ x 1.25″, 14-gauge steel tubing.

Casters: Two swivel casters with brakes and two rigid casters, 8″ diameter x 2″ wide, polyurethane wheel swivel casters have a load capacity of 925 lbs each.

XPTR3810 / XPTR3810L

Outside Width: 32″

Inside Width:  29″

Length: 40.5″

Height: 47″

Loaded Weight: 76 lbs

Table Capacity: 8-10