VersiWall is an expandable partition that can accommodate any straight wall length from 3 to 15 feet. Available in various heights from 6 to 7.5 feet, each panel slides adjacent to one another and telescopes out to the desired length. Our portable wall partitions are made of a fully tackable, noise-reducing surface for posting signs and give any office space a neat appearance. Made in the USA



Frame: Aluminum

Fabric: Navy Blue,  Charcoal Gray, Beige

Warranty: 3 Years

Superior sound control

Maximize space utilization and privacy for a variety of settings

Quick and easy to set-up

Low profile or flush with floor for increased privacy and noise reduction

Thickness:  1” (2.5cm)

Panel Width: 33” (84cm)

Height:  72” (183cm), 82” (208cm), 90” (229cm)

Length:  11’ 3” (3.43m), 15’ 6″ (4.72m)