VersiVide expands from 3 to over 19 feet and accommodates any configuration a room requires. The patented 360 degree hinge allows each panel to pivot independently for maximum flexibility. VersiVide can be set up straight, “L” shaped, serpentine or any angle in between. VersiVide partition walls are made of a fully tackable, noisereducing surface for posting signs and add to the aesthetic appearance of any office space. Made in the USA.



Frame: Aluminum

Fabric: Navy Blue, Charcoal Gray, Beige

Warranty: 3 Years

Superior sound control

Maximize space utilization and privacy for a variety of settings

Quick and easy to set-up

Low profile or flush with floor for increased privacy and noise reduction



Thickness: 1” (2.5cm)

Panel Width: 33” (84cm)

Height: 72” (183cm), 82” (208cm), 90” (229cm)

Length: 14’ (4.3m), 19’ 6” (5.95m)