Traditional Table

The Traditional’s curvilinear legs create a visually compelling design and help freshen what otherwise is a traditional, even tired, commoditized table. The outer two sides of each leg are convex, making it visually lighter.  The Traditional’s construction exposes it’s 5″ Vintage casters, highlighting them, which in turn adds visual interest while incorporating a popular design trend.


Tavolo Series

Traditional Table

Surface: Scratch-resistant, premium-laminate tabletop

Frame: Solid Maple Wood

Edge: Extra-strength polyurethane

Warranty: 1 Year

Casters: 5″ Industrial Casters with Antique Design

Leg: Traditional Post Leg Design

Made in USA

Size Options: 6 ft (131 lbs) , 8 ft (163 lbs)

Dimensions: Width- 30″ Height- 33″