SwiftSet® Cart

The SwiftSet® Cart – Flat is designed to hold 45 un-upholstered SwiftSet™ chairs stacked flat on the cart. (Will not hold upholstered chairs) The chairs are secured in place by four vertical tubes that are part of the handle set. The feet of the SwiftSet™ chair interlock with each other, resulting in a secure stack. A strap is provided to secure the stack to the cart.


SwiftSet® Cart - Flat

SwiftSet® Cart - Flat

SwiftSet® Cart

Frame: Steel

Finish: Black sand powder coat

Warranty: 12 Year

Casters: Non-marring wheels

Made in the USA



Width: 25.75″ (65cm)

Length: 52.75″ (134cm

Height: 77.5″ (197cm)

Weight: 90 lbs (41kg)




45 chairs (SwiftSet®Unupholstered)