Stacked Single-Panel Partition

The Stacked Single-Panel Partition offers a great solution to help prevent the spread of disease and support social distancing. These partitions feature a durable, silver, clear-anodized aluminum frame with locking casters. The polycarbonate plastic panels are easy to clean and disinfect to provide a safe and sterile environment. These partitions can be used as a room divider, a barrier between restaurant tables, a wall between working spaces in an office, and more.

Stacked Single-Panel Partition

This is a generated image, digitally rendered to give you an idea of how the finished product will look. However, colors, styles, and textures may vary. If you're concerned about a possible color variance, we suggest you request a sample before placing your order.

Height: 6 ft

Minimum Order Quantity: units


100% Financing Available for Qualifying Customers

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Frame: Aluminum

Polycarbonate Plastic: Clear Translucent, Frosted, Clear, White Opaque

Warranty: 3 Years

Superior sound control

Maximize space utilization and privacy for a variety of settings

Quick and easy to set-up


Height: 6 ft

Width: 4 ft, 6 ft

Depth: 2 in

made in america