Serpentine Cart

The Serpentine Cart – Edge is designed to hold up to 8 serpentine tables stacked on edge. A handle is provided at the swivel caster end of the cart allowing the user to easily steer the cart. Handles are also provided on each side of the cart to hold the tables in position. Distance between end and side handles is 27 1/2”.

Serpentine Cart

Serpentine Cart

Serpentine Cart

Frame: Steel

Finish: Black sand powder coat

Warranty: 12 Year

Casters: Non-marring wheels

Made in the USA

Width: 36″ (91.4cm)

Length:  98.5″ (250cm)

Height: 39.5″ (100cm)

Weight: 75.5 lbs (26kg)

Tables: ABS Plastic, Madera Plywood, Madera Pro

8 Serpentine Tables 36″ wide, 30″ wide