RT Reveal Cart

The RT Reveal Cart–Edge is designed to hold 6 Reveal or Reveal Duo tables and still fit through a standard doorway. For facilities with wider hallways and double doors, the cart can be easily expanded to hold up to 10 Reveal tables. Simply loosen and pull the through bolts in the cart’s support platform, extend the platform arms, replace and tighten the through bolts and load the cart. A handle is provided at the swivel caster end of the cart for maneuverability. Pads on the cart’s contact points protect the table’s decorative surface. Elevated design makes it easy to tilt load and unload tables. A nylon strap with side release buckles holds tables securely while cart is in motion.

RT Reveal Cart - Edge

RT Reveal Cart - Edge

RT Reveal Cart

Frame: Steel

Finish: Black sand powder coat

Warranty: 12 Year

Casters: Non-marring wheels

Made in the USA

Adjustable width for more storage

Padded contact points protect table

Nylon strap secure tables in upright position

Web strap secures to table while mobile


Width:  30.25” (77cm) – 42.25” (107cm)

Height:  44.25” (112cm)

Length:  63” (160cm)

Length Loaded: 72” (183cm) – 96” (244cm)

Weight:  79 lbs (36kg)

Reveal Tables: Rectangle, Duo, Specialty, Mobile Buffet, Flip

7 Tables (72″ – 96″)

5 Tables (48″ – 60″)