Farm Table

The Farm table features thick sections that give it a sturdy feel without going overboard. This inclusion, along with the rustic wood finish, create the look and feel of the classic farm table design. The table combines this traditional design with modern efficiency, with multiple shelves built into the frame on either end. The angled-in end units bring a unique and compelling design element, as well as providing room for your feet as you roll the table.

Farm Table

Tavolo Line

Farm Table

Surface: Scratch-resistant, weathered wood tabletop

Frame: Solid Maple Wood

Edge: Extra-strength polyurethane

Warranty: 1 Year

Casters: 6″ Industrial Casters with Antique Design

Storage: Built-in shelves

Made in USA

Length Options: 6ft (160 lbs) , 8 ft (186 lbs)

Dimensions: Width- 30″ Height- 33″