Reveal Ganging

The Reveal's ganging option allows Reveal tables to be fastened together for a sturdier setup.


  • Available for most Reveal Tables
  • Gang end to end or side to side
  • Constructed of 12 gauge steel
  • Retrofit Kit available
  • Works on tiers as well
  • Self-leveling of tables to each other


Ganging Retrofitting and Compatibility Table

Linen-less Rectangular Tables (LRT)

Size End to End Side to Side
18x60 1 2
18x72 2
18x96 2
30x60 Buffet
30x72 Buffet
30x96 Buffet
With Hanging
Modesty Panel

1 For retrofitting, it is necessary to request new top bar caps for ganging. The old bar caps will need to be replace by new caps before installing ganging.

2 Only one side of the table is gangable (where leg pedestals do not crash into each other)


Size End to End Side to Side
Serpentine N/A
Straight N/A

Specialty Tables

Size End to End Side to Side
Serpentine N/A
Duo 3 4
Flip 5 5
Half Round ✔  N/A

3 Will only gang to other Reveal Duo tables. Exception: with the modesty panels on the inside, attach half rounds on each end to form a conference table.

4 Only the side opposite of the modesty panel will gang side to side.

5 Reveal Flip will only gang to other Reveal Flip tables. It is also possible to gang them End to End or Side to Side with the Modesty Panel.

Reveal Ganging FAQs

Will this come standard on all Reveal Linen-less Tables?
Ganging will come standard on all Reveal Serpentine and Serpentine Tiers. It will be an option on most Reveal Linen-less tables going forward.
Can I retrofit all of my Reveal Tables?
See the Ganging Retrofitting Compatibility Chart above. 

What do I need to retrofit my current Reveal Linen-less Tables?
To retrofit your current Reveal Tables you first need to make sure that the kit is compatible with your table. Then you order it and simply follow the instructions.

Ganging Kit includes:

  • Instructions
  • Screws
  • Ganging Mechanism

These seem to be very close to the corners of the table where scuba hooks should go. Will this affect where I place the hooks for skirting?
Each ganging plate features properly spaced holes for attaching scuba hooks. Simply align with hole pattern and screw into place using ½” ganging screws.
How does the ganging work?
To gang, make sure table surfaces are even and close together; then turn the circular lock clockwise. To ungang, turn the circular lock counter-clockwise until flush with table edge.
What do you mean by self-leveling?
When setting tables next to each other one top of the table may be slightly taller than the one next to it. As you level the tables and turn the circular lock to gang it will fasten the tables together in such a way that the table tops will be almost completely even.
What are some ganging configurations?


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