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  • Madrid Series

    Madrid Series is perfect for restaurants, lounges and hotels looking to achieve a unique design with a durable wooden chair.

  • Cambridge

    The Cambridge offers a distinct appeal to those looking to for a durable school house style chair.

  • Oslo

    The Oslo Series offers endless design possibilities for dining and lounging areas. The simple yet classy styling of these chairs b...

  • Sofia

    The Sofia is perfect for those wanting a more classic wooden restaurant chair.

  • Milan Series

    Superior in their appearance, the Milan Series carries an upscale aura and provides a comfortable seating experience.

  • Seville

    The Seville is a contemporary restaurant chair that can be customized to fit in both lively and elegant atmospheres.

  • Oxford

    An Oxford chair has a lasting design that has stood the test of time. Featuring a vertical-slat back, reinforced leg supports and ...

  • Dublin

    The Dublin wood chair offers a rustic addition to any restaurant or dining space. Dublin has a stylish ladder back and shaped seat...

  • Alpen

    Alpen exhibits the rustic essence of the German town it was named after. Its stained wood finish and slatted design make this trad...





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