Table Carts


  • RT Cart - Flat

    The RT Cart – Flat is designed to hold up to 10 -20 rectangular tables (depending on size) stacked flat on the cart.

  • RT Cart - Edge

    The RT Cart – Edge is designed to hold up to 10 rectangular tables stacked on edge.

  • RT Cart - Upright

    The RT Cart – Upright is designed to hold seven rectangular tables 72” to 96” long and five rectangular tables 48” to...

  • RT Cart - Double Capacity

    The RT Cart – Double Capacity is designed to hold up to 20 rectangular tables stacked flat on cart.

  • RT Reveal Cart - Edge

    The RT Reveal Cart–Edge is designed to hold 6 Reveal or Reveal Duo tables and still fit through a standard doorway.

  • RT Cart - Stacking

    The RT Cart – Stacking is designed to hold up to 15 rectangular tables stacked flat ranging in size from 30”x 72” to 36...

  • CT Cart - Stacking

    The CT Cart – Stacking is designed to hold up to 10 circular tables set on edge ranging in diameter from 48” to 72”.

  • CT Cart - Small

    The CT Cart – Small is designed to hold up to 20 round tables stacked on edge.

  • CT Cart - Edge

    The CT Cart narrow is designed to hold up to 6 round composite core tables from 42" to as large as 72" round.

  • CT Cart - X

    The CT Cart – Small X securely holds up to 9 Xpediter™ tables that have a 30-36 table top.

  • CT/RT Cart - Knockdown

    Mitylite Knockdown Carts are designed to hold 12-24 knockdown style tables.

  • Serpentine Cart

    The Serpentine Cart – Edge is designed to hold up to 8 serpentine tables stacked on edge.

  • X-Base Stacking Cart

    The X Base – Stacking is designed to hold up to 3 MityLite; table or chair stacking carts.





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