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Aqualuz is a premier Hotel & Suite facility in Portugal that combines modernity, comfort and functionality into one place; making it a perfect candidate for MityLite furniture.

Aqualuz has several adaptable meeting spaces that required stylish furniture that could be rearranged with ease. MityLite solved their needs by recommending our traditional ABS tables with a black finish; complimented by our Classic Series chair with black upholstery and frame. This project shows how traditional banquet furniture can be functional without sacrificing a modern look.

Reception Center

"Our SwiftSet Folding chairs are easy to fold, durable, and very comfortable. I can carry six chairs at a time to move into different set-up locations. They do not flex or distort like the rental chairs we used previously. And I get asked all the time where we bought them!”

— Jennett Shepherd, Owner, Reception Center

Meeting Room Aesthetics

"We love our new tables. They look great in our meeting rooms and they are so light! Our clients are also impressed. We hope to use these tables for a very long time. Thanks again!”

— Amy Bartley, Manager of Conference Services & Audio Visual