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Through a partnership with non-profit Cause for Hope, MityLite provides the tools for improving a family’s quality of life over the long-term. 

OREM, Utah — June 1, 2015 — When MityLite CEO John Dudash established a philanthropy program for the Utah-based furniture products manufacturer, it had to be more than just giving money to the needy. The program selected by the company’s charitable giving committee had to align with MityLite’s culture of empowerment by providing the tools necessary for improving the quality of life over the long-term. MityLite recently completed such an initiative for Cause for Hope, a Utah non-profit organization that aims to help individuals in developing countries achieve long-term self-reliance.

"MityLite selected Cause for Hope because their primary focus is to permanently improve the economic situation of individuals and families living in poverty,” said Dudash. "Through the hands-on efforts and genuine concern of our employees, we were able to give a Nicaraguan family the tools they need to improve the quality of their own lives.”

MityLite’s Dudash was joined by a team of employees selected from a random company drawing. They returned in May from a one-week, one-of-a-kind experience helping to build and furnish a small home for a family of three in Managua.

A member of the team, MityLite’s Rob White spent hours hanging metal siding in a narrow alleyway, no larger than 6 feet. "About halfway through, our arms were shaking and our hands were trembling,” said White. "But once complete, seeing the joy on the faces of the family members made it totally worth the stiff arms.”

In addition to building the home, MityLite provided tables and chairs, as well as several basic necessities of life. A new iron and ironing board will be used by the family to build a continued source of income. MityLite also matched an employee giving program that raised $24,000 in support of Cause for Hope’s efforts to provide vocational and business training, microcredit loans, and other resources to those in impoverished countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Peru, and Mexico.

According to Dudash, "When it’s all said and done, this is the stuff that matters…improving the quality of life of those around us.”

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MityLite’s Cause for Hope Project Team:

Back row: Mark Doran, Patti Yosturm, Paula Dudash, Rosa Perez, John Dudash, Jim Yostrum

Front row: Rob White, Becca White, Steven Doran, Maritza Perez (holding: Allison Perez), Steven Staheli, Jenny Staheli




Managua resident Maritza Perez stands in doorway of newly constructed home with daughter Rosa and granddaughter Allison.


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