See the Possibilities!

More than ever, venue guests are noticing both style and functionality of the event environment. Their expectations have never been higher than they are today. Both the Royale and Grand II are true elements of unique and dicerning event experience. Each brings a touch of class and elegance to most anywhere within your banquet, restaurant, or dining environment.


The Royale Series is MityLite’s modern twist of a classic dining chair design. With a durale yet lightweight aluminum frame the Royale Series is extremely versatile in appearance and functional in use. This unique stacking chair adds distinction and sophistication to any banquet or dining setting.

Grand II

New backrest designs and frame construction give Grand-II Series chairs a style all their own. Made in the USA featuring MityLite’s patented FormFlex™ seat, these chairs provide unmatched durability and comfort for facility’s seeking a modern look that transcends the banquet space to dining applications.


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