Accept No Substitutes

MityLite - The Industry Standard

MityLite has set the standard for producing the most durable, economic, and well designed products for more than 25 years. Each product is produced to our internal standard to meet and exceed your expectations for design and durability.

ABS Tables, Classic Series and Mesh•One Chairs are all made in the USA and are ready to ship quick for any needs you have before school begins.

ABS Tables

ABS Tables are the industry standard for durability and ease of use. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, ABS plastic tables are made in the USA and ready to ship fast. 

Don’t accept any substitutes! Stay with the tried and true product that set the industry standard for durability.

Classic Square Back

Classic Series chairs are the benchmark for economic pricing, comfort, and seating design options. Continuing to increase the options for this popular chair, we introduced this spring the square back to give a modern look to any facility.

Classic Series chairs offer short lead times, unmatched quality and limitless upholstery design options.

Mesh•One Folding Chair

MityLite’s patented Mesh•One® folding chair completely redefines expectations with its incredibly durable, lightweight and innovative design.

The chairs elastomeric mesh conforms to each individual’s unique shape, minimizes pressure points and delivers unsurpassed comfort. With several color options you can have durability, comfort and a unique look.


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