ACT stands for the Association for Contract Textiles. ACT addresses a variety of issues related to contract fabrics. The ACT Performance Guidelines were developed to make specifying fabric easier. All of MityLite fabris meet or exceed ACT standards.

Flame Resistance

Flame resistance refers to a fabric's ability to resist burning.

Color Fastness to Wet & Dry Crocking

Colorfastness is a fabric's ability to retain color in various conditions. Crocking refers to the rubbing off of color from a fabric when subjected to abrasion.

Color Fastness to Light

Colorfastness to light refers to a fabric's ability to resist fading when exposed to light.

Physical Properties

Pilling is the formation of fuzzy balls on the surface of a fabric. Pilling occurs when loose fibers in the fabric are worked to the surface after the fabric is subjected to abrasion.

Breaking strength measures a fabric's ability to resist tearing or breaking when subjected to tension.

Seam Slippage refers to the condition when fabrics pull apart at a sewn seam. 



Abrasion resistance is the ability of a fabric to withstand surface wear from rubbing